Applied Systemic Coaching

A simple way to deal with complex situations

Be in symbiosis with a constant changing environment to meet desired purpose, complete auto-concordant goals and achieve sustainable results.

Once Now

Experience your Desired Future

The digital era expand time and space.
New and powerful paradigms are emerging.
Things have to be done differently.

Actual patterns are obsolete and limiting your personal and business potential.


SamSystemic - Systemic Coaching

Systemic Approach

Systemic approach highlights the linkages and interactions between components in a complex and dynamic environment.

It addresses how the fundamental pattern of a specific situation is a reflection for the meta pattern. 

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

It like having an holographic view of a situation instead of a photographic one.

The systemic process is emergent, strength-based, and solution focused. 


From where you are.



  • I want to increase my team’s will;

  • We need a strategic plan, and no one agrees on what  it should  look like;

  • My Board of Directors needs to be more efficient;

  • We are experiencing a fast growth and we want to secure transition to maturity;

  • Find the right sustainable policy;

  • Find the right digital strategy ;

  • Maintain humanitarian commitments ;

  •  I need meetings to become action oriented;

  • I need to get over some limiting beliefs that are slowing me / us down;

  • I need to create new appreciative matrix (quantify, quality, people, creativity...)

  • I want to integrate creativity as a fuel to growth ;

  • A key executive is retiring soon, and we need a succession plan;

  • We want to inject more willpower;

  • I need more coherence in multi-cultural and or multi-generations teams;

  • I am in a new role and need to hit the ground running;

  • I need to quickly correct some behavioral skills;

  • I have a conflictual situation and need to solve it;

  • I need to make a career path change;

  • I want to prepare my expatriation 

  • I want my organization to be a talent referral

  • ...


Unlearn to Relearn - Relearn by Doing

=> Implement new Patterns

For example, if you really want to know what it’s like to play golf, you just go and play.

You don’t watch it on TV or read books about it. You experience it.

Share with us your specific ambition

"How" is one of my favourite words.

How to make the right decision?  How do I know that I have succeeded?

How can I be sure to keep my level of motivation? How can I find my purpose?

The power of the word "how" is that the answers are different and numerous depending on the person,

the organization and the situation.


This is our job at SamSystemic.

We look for a new "how" with people, teams and organizations. 

We get you to experience what you want to achieve.

Curiosity leads to creativity, which leads to innovation for sustainable results.

This is our way to be in symbiosis with a constant changing environment, to meet the desired purposes and achieve auto-concordant goals.


We privileged collaborative approach with systemic coaches, trained, certified and supervised. 

The multidisciplinary experience of each one enriches the network and also provides expertise as agile trainers, in Management 3.0, marketing and sales expertise, graphic facilitators, experts in interpersonal communication and self-branding, as well as in intercultural management.

My professional quest starts on a personal level first. I was lucky to have started a self-development process back in my 20's.  When I look back on my journey, personal and professional, I realize that every single decision I made and experience I encountered have led me to where I am today.

I meditate and practice sophrology. I enjoy being part of different Mentoring Program as well as a lecturer.

Today, what matters to me , is to be part of this new augmented era and accompany my clients, in a sustainable way, on the other side of the 15 disruptive coming years .   

Of course feel free to read my formal biography below, and  check the videos and podcasts for easy reference.


Code of Ethics

Code de Déontologie

Core Competencies 

Compétences de Coach 


Learning by Doing - Implement new Patterns

  • We co-elaborate together your coaching season to match your specific needs and accompany your emergent path to solutions.

  • We privilege, cognitive, visual and linguistic approach.

  • We keep it simple, actionable and measurable. 

  • You will immediately engage into a fast solution oriented process for sustainable results.

Leardershift Management

Leardershift Management

Reveals individual and collective interactions. Who really decides? Clarify leadership architectures and their implications.



Breakthrough Process radically change personal and corporate frames of references concerning the way individuals, teams and organizations set goals, to achieve extraordinary results when liberated from learned helplessness

Risk Management

Risk Management

Decide how you decide. Exploration, and preparation on how to radically change personal and corporate frames of reference as to the way individuals, teams and organizations set goals and achieve their results.



An emergent process : What is creativity? When do you need it? For what? How you liberate it? Where you find it? How you measure it?

Self Brand

Self Brand

BUILD SELF CONGRUENCE Your brand identity impacts your success To be Seen - Heard – Acknowledged Construct your charisma. Increase your presence.

Agile Training

Agile Training

Depending on the depth of competency development required, we provide a range of training courses: Management 3.0, playful facilitation, gamification and graphic facilitation.


BIO by, May Akl Ph.D.
Yale World Fellow '10

“Serena has an extensive background in marketing and branding, acquired over 15 years as a senior strategic client marketing analyst for multinational conglomerates such as PepsiCo PI, Intersnack group, and Kimberly Clark, where she achieved a number of strategic client marketing milestones, repositioned top brands and was instrumental in boosting sales force results, training them on branding, comparative marketing analysis, go to market strategies, and negotiation techniques.   She was born in Lebanon. Her life story- source of her cultural wealth- took her in a multinational path since she spent her childhood and part of her adulthood between Lebanon, Africa, France and Switzerland, before she finally settled in France.


She is a Systemic coach, trained at Metasysteme Coaching, certified PCC and member of ICF Int'l, specific training in process learning and neuroscience also certified in Image Management, Personal Branding, London Image Institute. She also lately started a certification in Transactional Analysis.

Serena coaches individuals and organizations, working with them to achieve their ambitions and reach both their business objectives as well as their own personal development goals. Her instrumental contribution to the well-being of these demanding opinion leaders at both levels was bolstered by her multi-cultural and multi-linguistic backgrounds and experiences, thus making her coaching a must.  
She is also part of the mentoring program at The American University of Paris, and is actively involved with woman association LedByHer.  She practices meditation and sophrology.  Her precious talent is her ability to perceive patterns, identify the upgraded version of situations to put ambitions on track. She is passionate about gemology and fascinated by the powerful process underlying the creation of precious stones. She relates that process to life and sees every situation as a perfect valuable stone to be.” 



If you don't understand the relations between situations, your solutions could be worse than your problems
Video 1 - Pattern Thinking
Video 2 - Pattern Thinking

- A simple answer to explain an approach that deals with complexity.

What is Systemic Coaching? 
- Coaching is perceived on very different levels. People can refer to themselves as coaches to express a general way of being, a type of relationship they aspire to develop, or they may refer to new, much more precise profession that has very specific criteria and rests on a well defined set of skills.

Is coaching a social movement, a way of being, a highly professional service ..?

See some more 


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